Deployments al forno

An open-source, technology agnostic deployment server.

Applikatoni takes your code from GitHub and deploys it to your servers.
In exactly the way you want!

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Multiple applications:
Applikatoni can deploy multiple applications and services of yours. One central place to manage all your deployments.
No need to give a third party access to your servers or your data
GitHub integration:
Deploy branches and pull requests with just a click
Live view in the browser:
See what is happening on your servers while Applikatoni is deploying
Technology agnostic:
Applikatoni only needs shell commands. Deploy applications written in any language. If it's on GitHub Applikatoni can deploy it
History of deployments:
See the what, when, who of your application deployment history
No database needed:
Applikatoni only needs a single sqlite3 file to run on your servers
Daily digest emails:
Your team will always be up to date with daily emails showing who deployed what to which environment
Command line interface:
If you're tired of clicking there is toni - the CLI for your Applikatoni server

Third-Party Integration

Travis CI
See the CI status of your branches and pull requests before deploying
Notify NewRelic about new deployments
Reset Bugsnag after each deployment
Receive messages from Applikatoni in your team chat after a deployment is finished

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